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Business Guide: Books

Book collection at Aalto University Learning Centre

New books can be suggested to be purchased to the collection. Our goal is to enhance the e-book collection of research literature on business because e-books offer Aalto University researchers and students access to the literature 24/7.

E-books information can be found on Aalto-Primo database like information on printed books. Use the E-kirja/E-book link to access to the e-book. Read more about the e-books here.

Course books

BIZ bachelor and master students' course books are located on the first floor in Learning Centre in Otaniemi.

Many course books are also available as e-books. Read more about course book acquisition here.

Collection of research literature on business

Books on different areas of business as well as BIZ doctoral theses and other research publications are located on the second floor of the Learning Centre. Books are organized by subject classification. Please note that the most recent literature can be found in Aalto-Primo database as e-books. Read more about BIZ doctoral theses and other research publications on e-format here.

Books on research methods

BIZ master theses


Find collections by topics

You can find the book location in the Learning Centre premises by using the location service application here.

Book Search (Aalto-Primo)

Search printed books and e-books from Aalto-Primo portal. Choose Library Catalog. Or search e-books from diffrent e-book databases.

Aalto-Primo book search

Aalto-Primo search service connects the printed and electronic information resources.
You can search printed books by choosing books as content type.
In Advanced search you can make subject searches using search words.   


E-book databases


E-books from publishers


E-books from organizations


Open Access e-books


E-books in Finnish



Need help with e-books?

Please visit our e-book guide if you need help for finding and using e-books.

Can’t find it from our databases?

Check the availability from Finnish libraries via

Aalto user, report a problem with e-resources to the Learning Centre