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Business Guide: Dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference works

What are dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference works?

Dictionaries are either monolingual works with definitions of words, or bilingual for translation purposes. Dictionaries can be generic, or specific to a certain field with special terminology.

Encyclopedias and handbooks offer systematic references of different fields with basic and research information in summarized form. They can be either multidisciplinary or specific to a certain field.

Reference works are intended as resources from which information can be retrieved quickly. They can be used to get a general idea of the desired topic and terminology, and for checking individual facts.

Dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference works


Printed material

Printed and electronic books can be searched on the Aalto-Primo database.

Location service helps you to find printed books, encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. in the Aalto University Learning Centre and shelf-classes.


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