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Thesis collection: Aaltodoc


Aaltodoc is Aalto University's publication archive | Aaltodoc

The purpose of Aaltodoc is to ensure a long-term preservation of electronic theses and publications of Aalto University. In addition to theses and publications the self-archived versions of the articles published in the scientific journals as well as conference papers are also stored in Aaltodoc. Aaltodoc contains the metadata of theses and publication. Full-text file is available if the author has given a permission for the electronic publishing of the full-text. The publications stored in the archive have a permanent URN identifier.

Contact us

Aaltodoc is developed and maintained by the Aalto University Learning Centre. You can contact us by email aaltodoc-help [at]

Do you want to publish your research report or other publication on Aaltodoc? Please contact us by email julkaisut [at]

Please note that the Learning Centre does not keep a register of the contact information of the authors. You can contact Aalto University researchers via Aalto University's research portal. You can try Google search when searching contact information for other authors.

How to search documents in Aaltodoc?

Basic search
Basic search searches the word(s) from Aaltodoc’s metadata fields, abstract texts and full-text files available in Aaltodoc.
You can browse the archive by Issue Date, Author, Title, Subject and Department. You can browse either all archived documents or documents in a specific collection.
Search Tips
Combine, expand, or limit your search with Boolen operators AND, OR, NOT. Write the operators with capital letters.  

  • Searching sustainable AND fashion will return search results with both these words in them.
  • Searching sustainable OR environmental will return search results with either of these words in them.
  • Searching architecture NOT computer will return search results with "architecture" but not including "computer”.
  • Use (...) parenthesis to group query words, for instance technology AND (sustainable OR environmental).

Use * as a wildcard character to search for variants of a word, for instance sustainab* (sustainable, sustainability).
Use ? as a wildcard to replace a single letter, for instance wom?n for woman and women.
Use "..." quotation marks, if you want to search for a compound term, for instance "global warming".

Aaltodoc's metadata fields (dc-fields)

dc.contributor.advisor Thesis advisor Author of the publication



dc.contributor.supervisor Thesis supervisor Date, thesis accepted/approved   Publishing date/year
dc.description    Other text describing the content
dc.description.abstract    Abstract of the publication
dc.description.version    Revieved / not reviewed
dc.format.extent    Number of pages
dc.format.mimetype   MIME-type, usually (application/pdf)
dc.identifier.doi   DOI-number
dc.identifier.isbn   ISBN-number (International Standard Book Number)
dc.identifier.issn   ISSN-number (International Standard Serial Number)
dc.identifier.urn    Urn-identifier (Permanent address of the item)
dc.language.iso    ISO language code
dc.opn    Opponent
dc.programme.major    Major subject
dc.programme.mcode    Major subject code
dc.programme    Programme
dc.publisher     Publisher
dc.relation.haspart   Publication parts, f.e. list of articles
dc.relation.isbasedon    Publication is based on (work)
dc.relation.ispartof    Publication is part of (Compiled work)
dc.relation.ispartofseries    Series name
dc.relation.pagetopage    Pagenumbers
dc.rev    Thesis examiner
dc.rights.holder   Rights holder
dc.rights     Publication rights
dc.subject.helecon    Helecon controlled term
dc.subject.keyword    Keyword
dc.subject.other    Aaltodoc classification
dc.title    Title of the publication
dc.type   Content type, OPM-classification
dc.type.dcmitype   Content type, f.e. (text)
dc.type.ontasot     Thesis level



Theses and publications are protected by copyright. Theses and publications can be used according to copyright legislation exceptions rules, that allow citations with attribution of author and source, and copying for private use. For additional uses, please contact the author or publisher.

Some documents have been published with Creative Commons copyright license. CC license information can be checked from the document file.

How to access the electronic theses not available on Aaltodoc?

You can request the electronic theses not available in open network by sending us an email to the Aalto University Learning Centre. Our email address is oppimiskeskus [at] Please note that only private customers can make requests. Please mention the author’s name, title of the thesis and year of publication in your request.

All customers can read the electronic theses locally at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre's workstations. Find our contact information and service hours from Learning Centre's web page.

Aaltonians can use the Aalto Thesis Database remote desktop connection to access the master’s, licentiate, and doctoral theses files outside the Learning Centre premises. Aalto University faculty and staff can also access the full texts of bachelor's theses by logging in to Aaltodoc with personal Aalto ID.

Aalto thesis Database

Aalto Thesis Database is a remote desktop connection to Aaltodoc’s restricted access collection of master’s, licentiate, and doctoral theses files.

Where can you access the Aalto Thesis Database?

Aalto thesis database is available:

  • for all customers at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre's Windows workstations.
  • for Aalto University students in the Windows workstation classrooms at campus and via Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
  • for Aalto University faculty and staff to download from the Software Self Service Portal for Windows workstations.

Please note, that you might get an error message when you open the Aalto Thesis Database for the firs time. You can close the error message and the Aalto Thesis Database has open on the background.

How to open the theses?

First you open the Aalto Thesis Database from the computer's Start menu. Then you search for the thesis in Aaltodoc and click the link named Access to electronic archive copy from the thesis metadata. From opening page you can open the PDF file.

Via Aalto Thesis Database you can read the thesis file or print it to paper using the virtual printer SecurePrint (for Aaltonians). You are not allowed to download or send the PDF file or to copy, or modify the content.