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Thesis collection: Publishing theses and other publications

Master's and bachelor's theses are public documents

The master's and bachelor’s theses are submitted to Aaltodoc publication archive via MyCourses and the eAge electronic service delivery system. If you are preparing a bachelor's or master's thesis, bear in mind the following issues related to the publicity of the thesis:


  • An approved thesis is a public document. About official documents, please see the Constitution of Finland, Section 12.2 and the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, Section 1. See also Aalto University General Regulations on Teaching and Studying, Section 33
  • Confidential information should be presented in a separate background material and not part of the thesis. This is based on the guidelines published by the Ministry of Education and Culture (2/500/2004).
  • Author can decide about the availability of the archived master's thesis file. Electronic thesis file may be openly available at Aaltodoc or only available localy at the Harald Herllin Learning Centre. In addition, theses produced in a digital format will be electronically sent by the Learning Centre to anyone requesting a copy.


Based on the decision by the Administrative Court of Northern Finland (15.2.2019/0036/1),  according to Finland’s Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) and related legislation, if an electronic version of a thesis exists, it has to be sent by email to any private person requesting it, even if the author has not has not opted the full text of their work to be public online. Copyright does not restrict giving access to information from a thesis that is a public document and hence, author’s permission is not necessary.

More information on the publicity of theses in Student Guide.


Electronic archiving

Theses are archived only in electronic form.

  • Archived file should be the final version of the theses
  • The PDF file of the thesis cannot be corrected or changed after the approved thesis file has arrived in Aaltodoc
  • Archived file should be in PDF/A-1a, -1b, -2a or -2b format
  • Student may decide whether the master thesis file will be published in open network (Aaltodoc)
  • Student can postpone the publication of the thesis file in open network by one (1) year
  • Publishing of bachelor thesis file depends of the school


Further information

  • Instructions and schedules for Master's and Bachelor’s thesis can be found on the Student Guide on the programme's page.
  • servicedesk [at] helps you with PDF/A conversion issues
  • eage [at] helps you if something went wrong while downloading your thesis to eAGE
  • turnitin [at] helps you if you have proplems using the Turnitin program
  • aaltodoc-help [at] helps you after the thesis file have been archived to Aaltodoc

Publishing doctoral thesis

Doctoral theses of the Aalto University are published in the DOCTORAL THESES series. Publications are put together on the publication platform webservice. Some doctoral theses of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture are published by The Aalto ARTS Books publishing house.

Further information:

  • Publishing doctoral thesis (
  • Questions relating the use of the publication platform, the publishing process and the Aalto publication series: julkaisut [at]
  • Questions relating the Aaltodoc, the electronic publishing and the electronic archiving of theses: aaltodoc-help [at]

Making other publications

In Aalto University publication series are published doctoral theses, various reports, conference and seminar proceedings, other compiled works, study and teaching materials, and working papers. Publications are mainly put together on the publication platform webservice. ISSN- and ISBN-numbers along with Aalto Serial number are generated automatically at the publication platform when ordering the publication.

These series are specific for the disciplines of research and education of the university (since 2011):

  • Aalto University publication series BUSINESS + ECONOMY
  • Aalto University publication series ART + DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE
  • Aalto University publication series SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY

CROSSOVER series is for scientifically interdisciplinary works and ones made for joint functions and units of the university:

  • Aalto University publication series CROSSOVER

Doctoral theses

  • Aalto University publication series DOCTORAL THESES

Further information:

  • Aalto Publication Series (
  • Questions relating the use of the publication platform, the publishing process, the Aalto publication series or other kind of Aalto University publications and ISBN numbers: julkaisut [at]
  • Questions relating the Aaltodoc, the electronic publishing and the electronic archiving of theses: aaltodoc-help [at]