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Open science and use of images: ImagOA guide


Welcome to the ImagOA guide

The availability of the materials created in universities and polytechnics increases the quality and social impact of higher education institutions. In the absence of skills and knowledge about open access models, the materials will remain under-exploited and the material could often be used only within one course or publication due to copyright restrictions.

The project has led to the development of training and information material, as well as the arrangement of training sessions and information. The education and information materials help to ensure that the authors of the materials understand copyright. This will help to achieve the best possible use of the materials.

The project has created legal options for further use of materials and will increase their accessibility. The results of the project will contribute to the effectiveness of publicly funded copyrighted material in higher education institutions and in society in general.


Minna Meronen
University of the Arts

Marika Sarvilahti
Aalto University Learning Centre

Copyright information for students and teachers:

Art Universities Copyright Advice

New CC 4.0 licenses in teaching

Kuvasto - copyright organisation for visual arts practitioners

License and partners

Creative Commons -lisenssi

ImagOA - Open Science and Use of Images guide text is by Jenni Mikkonen, Mari Pesola, Maria Rehbinder, Marika Sarvilahti and visual design is by Metropolia, Valovirta Design, Jorgos Hatzikelis, Ulla Timonen ja Mikko Multanen. ImagOA guide is lisenced with Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY).
Based on the material at

Creative Commons license selection process is based on Tarmo Toikkanen's image, 2014, CC0. 

The project received funding from Ministry of Education and Culture and was carried out in cooperation between UNIFI, Arene, Aalto University and University of the Arts, Helsinki.


The project team is grateful for all feedback received during the project. In addition we add our thanks to Anna Johansson for her input in the Publicity of Theses section and Mervi Malinen for her input in the Photos as Personal Information section.