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Open science and use of images: Use in social media

Utilising social media

Social media use of legally published images in social media (re-post)

Images can be used if both the copyright holder of a photograph and right holders of a photograph subject according to the Copyright Act have given permission for publishing or if there are other statutory grounds. In this case, the images have been legally published and may be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of social media.

Further use of legally published images in social media in other ways

Pictures may be reproduced, as permitted by the Copyright Act, if they have been made public. Publication requires that a picture has been made available to the public, that is to say, that the picture has been published with a public label.

  • Quotation under Section 25 §. In this case, the quote should have a material connection to the text, the text being a critical or a scientific presentation and the purpose non-commercial. In cases in which the provisions are not fulfilled, the quotation of the image may be possible under the general quotation clause of Section 22.

  • Quotation under Section 22 §. The quotation should be in accordance with proper usage, to the extent necessary for the purpose. The right to quote the image is interpreted narrowly, that is, there must be a well-founded reason why the image may be used without the permission of the copyright holder. 

Sharing material with images made by others on social media

Social media terms require such extensive rights that you can share your own material, CC-BY-licenced material, or in accordance with other permission allowing use social media. 

Optimising further use of your own material

If a large number of users of your own material is desired, the CC-BY-license should be preferred, which also allows sharing the material on social media by other users.