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Art education: Theses and dissertations

How to publish a BA/MA thesis?

The master's and bachelor's theses are collected in the Aaltodoc publication archive via the eAge electronic service delivery system.
Instructions for submitting your thesis to the Aaltodoc database:
•    Convert your thesis to PDF/A form. The work is archived as one document, please attach the abstract and the possible attachments as one document.
•    If you wish, you can save the cover page as a separate file (png image file format).
•    Login to eAge with Aalto username.
•    Fill in the form in the Thesis information sheet and click Save.
•    Add the PDF/A file of your thesis to the Thesis sheet.
•    You can add the image file of the cover page on the sheet Thesis cover. The cover picture will be shown in the Aaltodoc publication archive together with the metadata of your thesis.
•    In case the documentation of artistic component is not included in the appendices of the written component, please add the image and media appendices on the Image and Media Appendices sheet (acceptable file formats are listed in the eAge form)
•    Submit your thesis by clicking Submit in the Case details sheet.
•    Details can be found on the instructions tab of the eAge form for submitting the thesis.

eAge guidance:

Aaltodoc guidance:

Theses by ARTS

The Aaltodoc publication archive serves as an e-repository of theses accepted at the Aalto University (more comprehensive from 2014). This database contains reference information, as well as abstracts and full text files published on the permission of the author.

The reference information of the older printed ARTS/ TaiK theses (prior 2019) can also be checked on Aalto-Primo website. The reference information for all theses of architecture (made either in ARTS or in TKK) can only be retrieved in Aaltodoc.

Older theses are kept in a closed archive of the Learning Centre.
All printed master’s theses by Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture are in the closed archive of the Learning Centre.
You can request any theses by sending a message to Mention the title of the thesis, author’s name and publication year in the request. The material is available at the Learning Centre on the next working day after 12 noon, unless otherwise agreed. Theses cannot be borrowed.
Since 2020, all theses made at Aalto University have been published only in electronic form.




Theses from other universities

The reference information on Other Finnish universities’ theses and dissertations can be found in Finna database.

Proquest´s Dissertations & Theses database, OATD and Ebsco Open Dissertations contain open access theses and dissertations from around the world.


How to publish a dissertation?

ARTS Theses assists ARTS doctoral candidates in their dissertation production.

Contact ARTS Theses to arrange the publishing costs, print run and delivery for the books: Annu Ahonen.

Read more: ARTS Theses' instructions for doctoral candidates | Aalto University

At Aalto University, it is recommended that all doctoral dissertations are included in Aalto University's dissertation series:

Aalto University publication series DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS

All doctoral dissertations are also recommended to be stored in the Aaltodoc publication archive maintained by the Aalto University Learning Centre. The Learning Centre is responsible for storing the electronic version of dissertations in Aaltodoc publication archive, with the permission of the doctoral candidate. 

Research projects and dissertations: Research Information Portal


Open access

Aalto University provides a university-maintained Aaltodoc publication archive as a platform for open access publication and requires its researchers to deposit their scientific publications in it.

Read more: Open access and the Aalto University Library