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Art education: Books

Printed collections at the Learning Centre

Picture of the collections (ARTS) in the Learning Centre.

Collection of Design and Art and Collection of Architecture (Learning Centre, 2nd floor) contain literature from the fields of The School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Also branch reference collections are located on 2nd floor.

In Special Collection (Learning Centre, K-floor) some rare and valuable books and archive copies of ARTS publications are stored. Material can not be loaned, but you can order it to reading room from the customer service desk.

Both the collection of Design and Art and the collection of Architecture have a classification of their own.

Supporting research collections

Photo: Compact shelving in K-floor.

Collections essential for research -  methodology, science and philosophy - are located on the first floor of The Learning Centre. Also coursebooks and short term loans are on first floor, as well as a collection of recent publications of Aalto University.

Collections for education, teaching, cultural history, history, psychology, sociology, and society  can be found on K-floor in open mobile shelf system. Also technical report series and the old collections of TKK and HKKK are situated on K-floor.

Joint collections are organised alphabetically under each discipline.

Search books from Aalto-Primo

Search printed books and e-books from Aalto-Primo portal. Choose Library Catalog. Or search e-books from diffrent e-book databases.

E-book services

Acquisition request

In case an important title (printed or e-book) is missing from the Learning Centre's collection, you can send an acquisition request to the library.

Material from other libraries

Send us an interlibrary loan request and let us find a library that holds what you need – anywhere in the world. Interlibrary service covers all kinds of print materials, usually book loans or journal article copies. Fill out the form and we will handle the rest. We charge according to our pricelist.

Aalto Direct (for Aalto University staff members)

Use Aalto Direct service to order any material with a simple form, be it in our collections or not. We will find out how to get the book or an article and deliver it free of charge to your workplace at Aalto (or Learning Centre service point of your choice).


Need help with e-books?

Please visit our e-book guide if you need help for finding and using e-books.