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E-book Guide: O’Reilly Safari Learning Platform : Academic Edition


Subject areas:  computer science, business, digital media, information technology, software development, math & science

How to access:

1. Go to or use the Aalto-Primo e-book link. From the "Select your institution" menu, select "Not listed? Click here"


2. Type in your Aalto University email address. In the future, you can use "Already a user? Click here." link.

3. You will get an email to complete the account setup. Create a password to complete the account setup. Mobile app usage requires user to create a personal account.


Using O'Reilly for Higher Education e-books

Can I find O'Reilly e-books from Aalto-Primo: Yes

User license: Unlimited user license. The user needs a valid Aalto University email address to log in.

Off campus use (for Aalto University researchers and students): Yes, use the Aalto-Primo e-book link and type your Aalto University email address with a patron validation screen.

WHAT ELSE? Safari: O’Reilly’s Learning Platform for Higher Education also contains videos, audio books, learning paths, tutorials, case studies, oriole online tutorials.

Offline use

Download to mobile devices and e-book readers:

O'Reilly app can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices.

Printing and copying

Printing: Yes, a reasonable amount of pages for personal use. On book reader page, please use the printing features of your browser.

Copyung: One page at a time.