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E-book Guide: O’Reilly Safari Learning Platform : Academic Edition


Subject areas:  computer science, business, digital media, information technology, software development, math & science

How to access:

1. Go to or use the Aalto-Primo e-book link. From the "Select your institution" menu, select "Not listed? Click here"


2. Type in your Aalto University email address

3. You will get an email to complete the account setup. Create a password to complete the account setup. Mobile app usage requires user to create a personal account.


Using O'Reilly for Higher Education e-books

Can I find O'Reilly e-books from Aalto-Primo: Yes

User license: Unlimited user license. The user needs a valid Aalto University email address to log in.

Off campus use (for Aalto University researchers and students): Yes, use the Aalto-Primo e-book link and type your Aalto University email address with a patron validation screen.

WHAT ELSE? Safari: O’Reilly’s Learning Platform for Higher Education also contains videos, audio books, learning paths, tutorials, case studies, oriole online tutorials.

Offline use

Download to mobile devices and e-book readers:

O'Reilly app can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices.

Printing and copying

Printing: Yes, a reasonable amount of pages for personal use. On book reader page, please use the printing features of your browser.

Copyung: One page at a time.