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E-book Guide: Ellibs


Books from various publishers and fields. Many Ellibs e-books are in Finnish.


Using Ellibs e-books

Can I find Ellibs e-books from Aalto-Primo: Yes

User license: Single user license. Starting 3rd December, reading and downloading books require Haka login with Aalto University username and password.

Off campus use (for Aalto University researchers and students): Yes, use the Aalto-Primo e-book link or Ellibs app

Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected titles: Yes

WHAT ELSE? Ellibs e-books can be read by downloading them for one or seven days. After the download period has ended, the book cannot be read anymore.



Offline use

Download to computer:

  • Software requirement: Thorium Reader OR Adobe Digital Editions
  • Ellibs guide for different devices
  • In Thorium Reader, books are opened with a user-specific LCP password that you can check from My Bookshelf in Ellibs Library
  • Download period: 1 or 7 days

Download to mobile devices and e-book readers:

  • Can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices and various e-book readers
  • Software requirements: Adobe Digital Editions app or Ellibs app
  • Download period: 1 or 7 days

Printing and copying

Information about print and copy limits can be found in each e-book's info section on Ellibs website.