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E-book Guide: Teacher´s guide - find e-books for your course

E-books in Learning Centre

Learning Centre has purchased e-books from various publishers and aggregators. Aalto University has also supplied contracts with several e-book publishers and e-book aggregators. Learning Centre can purchase new e-books within the limits of the Learning Centre´s allowance or department´s own account.

The goal of this guide is to increase the use of e-books as textbooks by offering information about e-books and e-book acquisition. If you have any question, please contact us at

Learning Centre´s e-textbook acquisition

Learning Centre will purchase a textbook as an e-book if it is possible to buy from Aalto University´s e-book aggregators and if the e-book is possible to buy in a reasonable cost.

The teacher or a study coordinator can inform Learning Centre about the new textbook in a Learning Centre´s website. With this form you can ask about availability of an e-book and also about terms and conditions.


What is good to take into account

  • You can usually use e-books already at the same day the e-book is ordered
  • Some e-books have been ordered as a temporary licence so Learning Centre has to evaluate their orders annually
  • E-books are available for Aalto University students and researchers 24/7. However, there might be some planned or unplanned interruptions within the e-book connections. Those interruptions have occured very rarely, but Learning Centre cannot guarantee that e-books are always in students´use without interruptions. This is good to take into account when planning the course
  • E-books terms and conditions vary between each e-book aggregators concerning for example e-book printing and downloading. There might be differences also with the amount of simultaneous users
  • Most popular textbooks are seldom licenced for the library use

Learning Centre recommends

Those e-books Learning Centre has ordered directly from the publisher have chapters as PDF-files. Students can freely print and download those PDF-files for their own personal use. Students can also make notes for PDF-files.

These e-books have no limits for simultaneous users and Learning Centre owns these e-books permanently.

 Springer, Morgan & Claypool ja Sage

Learning Centre has bought topic collections directly from these publishers. These publishers do not sell single e-books for libraries.

Learning Centre has bought following topic collections from Springer: Business & Managemnet 2005-2022, Economics & Finance 2005-2021, Engineering 2010-2022, Computer Science 2010-2022 ja Chemistry and Material Science 2010-2011 and 2018-2022. These topic collections include more than 30 000 e-books.

Learning Centre has bought Engineering ja Computer Science e-books from Morgan & Claypool. In this collection there are about 600 e-books.

Learning Centre has bought Sage Research Methods-database from Sage. This database contains e-books about research methods.

Wiley, World Scientific, Elsevier and Taylor & Francis

Learning Centre has bought single e-books from these publishers and Learning Centre owns these e-books permanently.

You can browse publishers´catalogue at publishers´ own websites. If you find good e-books to use as textbooks, please send request using this form.



Other e-book aggregators

Learning Centre can buy single e-books from several publishers to Ebsco, Ebook Central and Ellibs e-book platforms and Learning Centre owns those books permanently. You can make a request for the interesting book here.

All e-books purchased from Ebsco, Ebook Central and Ellibs are licenced for certain amount of users. Usually linceces are for one or three users, sometimes also for limitless amount of users. Licences depend on e-book publishers.

Printing and downloading possibilities also vary between different e-books. Publishers define how many pages you can download or print from the e-book. If you can download e-book to your computer or mobile device downloading time is always limited.


E-book collections ordered for specific period

Bloomsbury Fashion Central, Ebook Central Academic Complete, O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform Academic edition, Talentum's Päivittyvät hakuteokset (formerly Talousfokus) and Verkkokirjahylly have been ordered for the specific period of time. Learning Centre does not own these books permanently.

Usage and price of these e-book collections affect the Learning Centre's possibility to renew the collections. Learning Centre tends to renew the orders of these collections within the limits of the allowance.

Academic Complete: This e-book collection contains 187 000+ e-books. Literature from different subject areas and publishers. Printing and downloading possibilities vary between each book.

Bloomsbury Fashion Central: Contains three collections in the area of fashion studies: Berg Fashion Library, Fairchild Books Library and Fashion Photography Archive. You can read e-books in the browser, but you cannot download them to the computer or mobile device

O´Reilly Safari Learning platform - Academic edition: This e-book collection contains over 38 000 e-books from the world's premier IT, business and computer science publishers, including O'Reilly, Packt, Pearson, Wiley and Microsoft. Unlimited concurrent access.

Päivittyvät hakuteokset (formerly Talousfokus): Contains Talentum's Finnish e-books. Contents of the e-books update, latest version is available in Verkkokirjahylly. You can read Talentum's e-books in the browser, but you cannot download them to the computer or mobile device

Verkkokirjahylly: Contains Finnish e-books in the area of civil law. You can read Talentum's e-books in the browser, but you cannot download them to the computer or mobile device