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Art Universities Copyright Advice

Can a snowman be protected by copyright law? What about hairy underwear? Does a programmer have paternity rights? How is the length of copyright period for an opera calculated?

With the help of the online material produced by the Art University Copyright Advice, you can find clear and readable answers to these and many other questions relating to copyright issues in creative fields.

The online material has been produced with support from the Ministry of Education. The project’s steering group includes representatives from the universities that maintain the Copyright Service for Art Universities, which are Aalto University and University of the Arts Helsinki (the Theatre Academy, the Sibelius Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts). The online materials have been written by Jukka Jäske (LLB), Tiina Nevanperä (LLM, MA) and Copyright Attorney Maria Rehbinder (LLM). Graphic design and photography by Sanna Vilmusenaho and Anna Keune.

The attached material contains the interpretation of the copyright lawyer for the arts universities regarding the use of works and presentations protected by copyright law in studies, teaching, research and creative fields in accordance with Finnish copyright law and legal practice. The content of this advisory material does not negate the need to make contact with a qualified lawyer when taking legal action. Aalto University and the universities comprising the consortium that maintains this service will not compensate for any damage which the reader may consider that they have suffered as a result of the content of this material.



Maria Rehbinder

Legal Counsel, Copyright Attorney

Art Universities Copyright Advice

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