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Visual Resources Centre: Graphic arts and illustration

Graphic arts and illustration

Visual resources for graphic arts and illustration include a variety of digitised materials from libraries, archives and museums such as posters, illustrations, graphic art, ephemera, cards and illustrated manuscripts. The resources include sources and tools in advertising, typography, animation and information graphics. ARTstor image database also contains posters and graphic design from the MoMa collection.

Resources marked with a lock are usable within the Aalto University network and usable remotely with Aalto University login.

Resources marked with a heart contain entirely or partially openly licensed materials that can be freely used.

Observe each resource's usage rights carefully to ensure that the specified permissions cover your intended use.

Rare books and special collections at the Learning Centre

Selections of rare books and special collections can be viewed at the VRC. These collections are some of the oldest but also some of the most richly illustrated including books and portfolios of images from late 19th to early 20th century. The collections have been used in teaching art, design and architecture and especially contain examples of decorative art and ornamentation design from early 20th century. The collections are of interest particularly in illustration, graphic design, fashion and textile design.

Graphic arts and illustration