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Computer science: Can't find it?

Where and how to start?

Contact Aalto University learning centre customer service:

+358 50 316 1011

As self-study material library offers you the Guide to information retrieval. This guide will take You through the basics of IR which is common to all disciplines.

Interested in personal information retrieval guidance?

If you want a thorough guidance to information retrieval and using our information resources, book a time for personal guidance.

Busy reasearcher? Don’t have time for visiting the Learning Centre?

Aalto Direct delivers all materials you need quickly and directly to your desk. The service is available only for Aalto University staff.

Aalto user, report a problem with e-resources to the Learning Centre

Can’t find it from our databases?

Check the availability from Finnish libraries using national Finna-portal.

Want to make an aquisition proposal?

If Aalto University Learning Centre doesn’t have an important book, journal or database, you can make an acquisition proposal.

Do you want material from other libraries?

Materials not available in Aalto University Learning Centre can be requested from other libraries in Finland or abroad by filling an order form.

Aalto University students and staff can order books and article copies (PDF-files) free of charge from the National Repository Library in Kuopio via Interlibrary loan service. The National Repository Library is the shared storage and interlibrary loan facility for all Finnish libraries.

Alternative access to articles