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Computer science: Encyclopedias and dictionaries

What are reference works, encyclopedias and dictionaries?

Reference works are intended as resources from which information can be retrieved quickly. They can be used to get a general idea of the desired topic and terminology, and for checking individual facts.

Encyclopedias and handbooks offer systematic references of different fields with basic and research information in summarized form. They can be either multidisciplinary or specific to a certain field.

Dictionaries are either monolingual works with definitions of words, or bilingual for translation purposes. Dictionaries can be generic, or specific to a certain field with special terminology.

Location service

Location service helps you to find printed books, encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. in the Aalto University libraries and shelf-classes.
Collections essential for research -  methodology, science and philosophy - are located on the first floor of the Learning Centre.



Aalto user, report a problem with e-resources to the Learning Centre

Reference works




RedFox Master Online dictionaries

The RedFox Master Online includes dictionaries, proofreading tool, translation tool and video lessons.
The service contains monolingual dictionaries and generic dictionaries supplemented with vocabulary on technical sciences and economics.

Writing handbooks

- Hering, L. & Hering, H. 2010. How to write technical reports: understandable structure, good design, convincing presentation. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. ISBN 9783540699286 (printed). ISBN 9783540699293 (electronic).
- Paradis, J. & Zimmerman, M. 2002. The MIT guide to science and engineering communication. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: MIT Press. ISBN 0262661276.
- Pringle, A. S. & O’Keefe, S. 2003. Technical writing 101: a real-world guide to planning and writing technical documentation. 2nd ed. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA: Scriptorium Press. ISBN 097047332X.
- Rumsey, S. 2008. How to find information: a guide for researchers. Maidenhead, United Kingdom; New York:Open University Press. ISBN 9780335226313 (printed). ISBN 9780335235544 (electronic).
- Swales, J. & Feak, C. 2012. Academic writing for graduate students: essential tasks and skills. 3rd ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: University of Michigan Press. ISBN 9780472034758.

Legal information


Other libraries

The Library of Parliament is open to the public. In addition to serving the Parliament of Finland, the library serves all who need parliamentary, legal, or social and political information.