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Linking to licensed e-resources: Articles

Linking articles through Aalto-Primo

A permanent link to the electronic article can be retrieved from Aalto-Primo.

1. Search the desired article via Aalto-Primo or Google Scholar, from where you can transfer via ViewIt@Aalto link to Aalto-Primo.

2. Click on "permalink"

3. Copy the permalink to the desired location, e.g. Mycourses.

4. A permalink provides access to this same page, from where you can access the material itself using the "Full text availability" link which is built using Libproxy server. It provides access to all the volymes licensed by the Learning Centre. It works like this:

  • In Aalto University lindline network or with VPN connection it works as an ordinary link to the article.
  • When used via any other connection you are first derected to Aalto identification and then granted access into the article.

Contact information

We are happy to help with problems concerning links to licensed resources. The best way to reach us is to send email to:

Exception: Harvard Business Review

Important notice! Harvard Business Review does not allow its articles to linked directly into any learning environments. Therefore, look up the journal through the Aalto-Primo portal with the search phrase "harvard business" (quatation marks included).