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Linking to licensed e-resources: Home

Linking to e-resources licensed by Aalto University Learning Centre

This guide is about making direct, working links to e-resources acquired by the Learning Centre. This benefits the students, the researchers, and the teachers of the university. Instructions have been divided into tabs by type of material.

Why should I link?

Many publishers do not allow for instance PDF articles to be downloaded and distributed via course webpages or teaching portals.

Conditions of use for individual materials can be found here (scroll down the pages for information in English).

However, it is possible to provide materials for students and staff of the university by following the instructions described in this guide. Instead of sharing a document you should share a shortlink to an article, e-journal, particular e-book or database.

Although the links are intended to be permanent, it is wise to check their functionality especially after the turn of each year when new license agreements come into effect. New contracts might include different volumes of single journals.

Please also note that for licensed image materials there are completely different instructions.

Google Scholar

On the tab where this link goes there are instructions how to make Google Scholar search results include direct links to electronic full text articles that are licensed by the Learning Centre.

Contact information

We are happy to help with problems concerning links to licensed resources. The best way to reach us is to send email to:

Exception: Harvard Business Review

Important notice! Harvard Business Review does not allow its articles to linked directly into any learning environments. Therefore, look up the journal through the Aalto-Primo portal with the search phrase "harvard business" (quatation marks included).