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Lending services: Aalto-Primo

Lending services at the Aalto University Learning Centre


Here you will find instructions and tips on signing in, borrowing and renewing in the search serivce Aalto-Primo.

Aalto-Primo sign in - Aalto University students and staff

Aalto University students and staff sign in to Aalto-Primo with their personal Aalto account and password. If you have problems with your Aalto credentials, please contact the IT Services.

Aalto-Primo sign in - other customers

Other customers sign in to Aalto-Primo with their library card number and password. To sign in for the first time, you need to set a new password. To be able to set a new password, sign in using this link > reset password for the first time. Please note that the password you possible had in Aalto-Finna is no longer valid.

Enter either your library card number or e-mail address in the box that opens. (Please note the e-mail address has to be the same as the one in your library customer account.) The system will send a link for resetting the password to your e-mail. Click the link you receive in your e-mail. Enter a password of your choice in the box “Create New Password”. Clicking Send will direct you to an Aalto-Primo sign in -window, enter your library card number and the password you just created.

If you doubt that there is no e-mail address in your customer account or that the e-mail address is incorrect or you have some other problems with signing in, please contact  Aalto University Learning Centre customer service:

After the first sign in, the password is changed by signing in to your customer account. If you forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking the link Did you forget your password? int the sign in -window.

PIN code

To use the self service check out at the Learning Centre, you need a four-digit PIN code. You can set or change the PIN code in Aalto-Primo by signing in to your account: My Account > Personal details tab > Update PIN / Password

Default PIN code 1234 can also be set in the Learning Centre customer service desk, after which you should change your PIN code by signing in to your account.

Loans and renewals

You can renew your loans when you are signed in to Aalto-Primo.

You can sign in in one of two ways:   
        1. The ‘Sign in’ button is in the upper right corner of the screen. Once you are signed in, you can find your loans by clicking on your name in the     upper right corner of the screen.
        2. You can also sign in by clicking on ‘Menu’ and ‘My Account’. After signing in, the software will display a general overview of your loans, reservations, payments, loan blocks and messages.

You can renew all eligible loans by clicking on ‘Uusi kaikki’ (Renew All). Alternatively, you can renew a selection of individual works by checking the box next to the loan you wish to renew and clicking ‘Uusi valitut’ (Renew selected). Additionally, you can renew any individual loans by clicking on the ‘Uusi’ (Renew) button on the respective row.

  • If no ‘Uusi’ button is displayed, either the loan cannot be renewed or you have just renewed it, in which case the text ‘Uusittu’ (Renewed) will be displayed instead of the button.



To make a reservations you need a valid library card. Please note! You can only resere materials that are on loan or reserved for another customer. Alternatively, you can ask the library staff to make the reservation for you. It is not possible to reserve materials that are available on the shelves.

  1. Sing in to Aalto-Primo
  2. Search for the book you need
  3. Clicking the link ... opens the availability information of the book
  4. Click the link Make a reservation
  5. Choose a pick-up location
  6. Click Make a reservation

You will receive an email notification when your reservation has arrived. Reserved books can be picked up by self-service. The material will be kept reserved for you for 5 workdays. To use the self service check out at the library, you need a four-digit PIN code: My Account > Personal details tab > Update PIN / Password

You can cancel a reservation in the Requests -tab in Aalto-Primo. You may also contact customer service to cancel a reservation. If a reservation is not picked up or cancelled by the due date, 2 euro fee will be charged.

Short loans or items you already have borrowed can not be reserved.