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Use of e-resources: Use of e-resources

The use of electronic resources licensed by the Aalto University Learning Centre.

Use of e-resources in a nutshell

All use of e-resources licensed by the Aalto University Learning Centre is under the conditions of use:
Conditions of use for e-resources

For Aalto University students and staff:

For other customers:

  • From some of the customer workstations of the Learning Centre offices. See here for further information.

Further instructions for university students & staff

1. Use via Aalto sign-on wherever and whenever (remote use)

When using other internet connection than Aalto University network, you must to log in (Shibboleth) using your Aalto IT account when using the e-resources via systems maintained by the library (e.g. resource guides, Aalto-Primo portal).


This is called Single Sign On, and you can look for further information about it here:

When using Single Sign On the network traffic is routed via libproxy server of the Learning Centre. For this to happen, the link in question has to include directions to the server. In all systems maintained by the Learning Centre these links already in the right form.

2. Direct use from the university landline network

You can access the e-resources of the Learning Centre directly after logging in to Aalto University workstation. In the university network the user is authenticated as Aalto University staff member or student by IP number range. Separate login is not required apart from a few exceptions.

The wireless Aalto network is part of the university network since it is password-protected. The same applies for the Eduroam network that is mainly for visitors. Further information about the wireless networks of the Learning Centre:

NB! Aalto Open wifi is not password-protected, and using e-resources via it is the same as using an outside connection.

When using VPN connection from wherever you can use e-resources directly as in the university network. Further information:

Links and the libproxy server

There is also a list of the most essential e-materials sources at the homepage of the Learning Centre service proxy server:
This list may be of value for instance when there is a service break of in other Learning Centre e-services.

Further information about links to e-resources, how to create them, and their functionalities in our guide: Linking to licensed e-resources

Contact information

Fastest way to get help concerning e-resources is via email:

Aalto user, report a problem with e-resources to the Learning Centre

How do I know if a resource is licensed by the Learning Centre or not?

The most definite information can be found from systems maintained by the Learning Centre:

The Learning Centre has acquired from some service providers only a portion of their resource entities. Even if sometimes the Learning Centre logo appears on a website of a service provider, it does not mean that we have acquired all resources from the collections of the provider in question. In some services there simply is not a way to distinguish which resources are acquired or not by the Learning Centre.

If you are not sure, if the Learning Centre has acquired some material or not, please check it via the systems mentioned above.

If you notice any inconsistencies in the availability information of any resource, please contact the email address mentioned above.