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Information skills training

Technology Information skills training

For the students of the Aalto University Schools of Science and Technology there is information retrieval and management instruction available that is connected with different phases of studying. The information retrieval exercise for new students in the autumn and the Learning Centre's part in the bachelor seminar are mandatory for all students.

The Learning Centre also organizes on demand tours in the premises, in which the most important collections and services are introduced. 

You can also get personal advice and instruction in problem situations at the Information service point of the Learning Centre.


The information retrieval exercise may be a part of the orientation course for a part of the international students, but not all. Please contact your school/department staff if the exercise is compulsory for you.

The information retrieval exercise consists of the following parts:

  • Lecture on information retrieval
  • Tour in the Learning Centre
  • Exercise in MyCourses

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The Research and Innovation Services partake in the bachelor seminars of the Schools of Technology. The Research and Innovation Services' share of teaching consists of two lectures and an online exercise.

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Lectures and RefWorks:

Personal guidance and assistance in information retrieval (~1 h) is given to students writing their thesis, postgraduate students and researchers. The aim is to learn to use key information sources efficiently for one’s own research subject, such as the online resources of Aalto University Learning Centre.

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