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Industrial engineering and management: Research methods

Where can I find literature on research methods?

Printed and electronic books as well as printed and electronic journals can be searched in the Aalto-Primo search service.

Printed method books are placed on the 1st floor of the Learning Centre.

SAGE Research Methods is a research tool that provides access to reference works, dictionaries and other literature, videos and articles on research methods.

Additional information about SAGE Research Methods.





Using Methods Map

Methods Map graphic tool helps you to find useful information from Sage Research Methods.

Tips for the writing process

  • MOT proof reading tool
    • A grammar and spell checker for English and other languages
  • The Kopiraittila Academy
    • A copyright course that teaches the basic concepts of copyright and using other people’s works in your individual production
  • Turnitin 
    • Turnitin at Aalto University Wiki: ”Skilful writing and plagiarism avoidance
  • Citation Guide

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