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Guide to information retrieval: Examples of using search terms

Example: phrase search

Search results without quotation marks:

Search results withs quotation marks:

The number of search results dropped to one third after adding quotation marks.

Advanced search

Advanced search is recommended if you are making thorough searches. In advaced search it is easy to focus the search properly from the start. Combining search terms with And/or/not operators is easy to do in advanced search.

In most databases it is possible to focus the search to full text, abstract, subejt terms etc.. You might also be able to select a specific document type, language and publication date.

Usually it is also possible to refine the search from the search results list as well.

Advanded search in Ebsco Academic Search Elite:

Example: AND operator

Using one search term:

Using two search terms and combining them with AND operator:

Example: OR operator

Search results using acronym:

Hakutulokset käyttämällä sekä lyhennettä että samaa tarkoittavaa pitkää versiota:

Search results using both acronyn and the full-length search term:

Using OR operator and two different versions of the search term will get more search results.