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Printing, scanning & equipment: Printing in black-and-white

Printing, scanning and copying facilities and workstation computers provided by the Learning Centre

Printing point - for Aalto University students & staff

Students and staff members can print black-and-white prints free of charge to the Printing Point devices in A4 or A3 sizes.

Printing with Printing Point

First you have to print your document to the virtual printer SecureprintPS, and then you can release the prints from any of the devices at Aalto University by logging in with your Aalto IT credentials. Once logged in you can register your HSL travel, Frank student card, or Canon card to the service, and so you don't need to do type in the credentials in future.

The other way is to send the file to the email address instead of printing to the virtual printer.

Printing point devices

Locations of the Printing Point devices at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre:

In our other service points or nearby:

  • Learning Hub Atrium: Room 1156 (corridor).
  • Learning Hub Greenhouse: Yes.
  • Library of Mathematics & Systems Analysis: Student hub.

Other customers

Non-Aalto customers can print black-and-white A4 to the customer service printer U91000-ps13 which costs 0,10 €/page. Payment only with credit and debit cards.

Printing in A3

For A3 prints you have to:

  1. buy a copy card and print via our copy machines,
  2. use Print in City service.

Please see the tab Printing in colours for details.


Special requirements

Only A4 or A3 printing is possible at us. Please contact Unigrafia in need of printing on other sizes.

If you'd like to print on a special kind of paper, please contact the customer service or: oppimiskeskus @