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Learning Centre for freshmen: Learning Centre for freshmen

Learning Centre basics for Aalto University freshmen.

Library card

At first, please fill out the online application form. After that you need to present an official personal identification document at one of our service points to get your card.

Please update us directly about changes in your contact information. Changes made in other information systems at Aalto University are not automatically transferred to us.

With the library card you can:

Course books

All course books can be found at Aalto-Finna.


Available via internet connection and by logging in with Aalto IT credentials from anywhere and whenever.

Print books

  • Course books: loan perdiod 2 weeks
  • Shortloans: 24 hours

More about information sources:

What is the Learning Centre?

The Otaniemi Campus Library was renovated 2015-2016 due to which it became Harald Herlin Learning Centre. At the same time the Aalto University Library turned into Aalto University Learning Centre.

Library services are still part of our core supply of services but our facilities also enable you to record your performance on video (Studio), to get familiar with virtual reality (VR hub) and much more.

You can also play and learn skills to find reliable information. The Defender of Knowledge game introduces players to Aalto University Learning Centre's services and facilities. Download the game from Google Play or Apple Store. You can also find information about facilities and services through 360 virtual tour.

Learning information retrieval

The Defender of Knowledge game introduces players to Aalto University Learning Centre's services and facilities. 360° virtual intro gives you an other view to Learning Centre's facilities and collections.

Harald Herlin Learning Centre contact information

Spaces & facilities

There are many kind of spaces at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, such as:

All facilities and spaces

Use 360° virtual intro whenever you want to see Learning Centre's facilities and learn about collections.

Access to 1st and K floors 7.00–24.00 and whenever to 24/7 space: instructions

Printing, scanning & equipment

In Harald Herlin Learning Centre you can:

  • print in black and white free of charge using Printing Point devices
  • print in colours using a copy card sold at the customer service or Print In City service
  • scan to your email free of charge
  • copy on paper using a copy card sold at the customer service or Print In City service
  • use Aalto workstations and software installed on them
  • use wireless connections provided by Aalto
  • further information