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Linking to licensed e-resources: E-journals

Linking electronic journals (volumes licensed by the Learning Centre)

First you have to find the SFX link of the article you need.

  • Go to Aalto-Finna portal.
  • Search the journal you need by using the Browse E-journals (SFX) link on the right of the front page.
  • Click the SFX button next to the journal title from the search results.
  • From the options of the opened SFX window select Create short link: short link service
  • Copy the shortlink and make use of it as with any other link by sharing it for instance to Mycourses.

The produced shortlink leads to the same SFX window via which you can access the journal by clicking go under the full text header.

SFX window

SFX window is the gateway to access the resources licensed by the Learning Centre. It is essential what is the level of access to the resource as full text, i.e. if it is allowed to see or download the needed material entirely.

  • Articles: the reference and the Go button under the full text header are a sign for that the material is available by clicking the button.
  • Journals: Notice the timeline for which the archive of the journal is licensed. This can be checked under the full text reference

In the example above you can access the journal issues that have been published on 2001 or later. Older issues might be available from another service and reference, or it is possible the older archives haven't been acquired as electronic form at all.

If the material you need wasn't available in the full text section, you may want to check if it is available as print version by using the holding information links lower in the same window.


Contact information

We are happy to help with problems concerning links to licensed resources. The best way to reach us is to send email to:

Exception: Harvard Business Review

Important notice! Harvard Business Review does not allow its articles to linked directly into any learning environments. Therefore, look up the journal through the Finna portal with the search phrase "harvard business" (quatation marks included).